Screwdriver is generally self-explanatory. It is often used for driving in as well as removing screws. However, a lot of people sometimes apply it in the wrong ways such as punching holes, prying, scraping and chipping.

One of the most common screws and screwdrivers is the Philips head, which is mainly designed to reduce the slippage of blade from the cross-shaped slot with the help of a power bit. In general, a standard screwdriver is used with a screw of matching heads with a single blade.

Battery-powered cordless screwdrivers is now quite popular in the market and is a very useful tool for any DIY tasks.

Screw head is often round, oval or flat, and each is made with a particular purpose for final appearance as well as seating. Continue reading “DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCREWDRIVER FOR DIFFERENT SCREWS”