Summer is coming and your garden is blooming.

Unfortunately, the vegetables and herbs are not the only plants that enjoy this period of the year. Some garden invaders such as crabgrass, clover and sorrel are growing strongly too. Thus, gardeners are looking for some ways to remove to weeds on several weed wacker reviews. The followings are some methods to remove the weeds out of the garden without having recourse to bad chemicals, which would destroy the quality of the crops and the soil.

1. Pull the weeds

This could sound easy, but anybody who has kept up with the weeds by pulling them understands that it is not always so simple. For weeds next to the vegetables or herbs in raised container or bed, it is usually the best method to do. The most suitable period to pull the weeds is when the ground is still damp from watering. Slowly pull them from the bottom of the weeds to have the best opportunity of pulling the roots.

2. Suffocate the weeds

Just as the trees that you want in the garden bed, the weeds experience the challenging time to survive without enough sunlight. You could kill the existing weed, stop the new ones from emerging. The AND helps to keep the moisture of the soil for the trees so that you will want to use a little bit of garden mulches or old newspapers. Just cover the ground with some layers of big magazine strips (which are biodegradable), then place enough amount of mulch on the top of the newspaper to completely cover it. If several strong weeds could push through the first try, just add other layers of magazine and then some more mulches.

3. Mix up the homemade herbicides

Get a spray bottle with good quality and fill it with 0.5 cup of salt, 2 cups of white vinegar and a small bit of soap. Also make sure that you are mixing it up well so that the salt mixes as much as possible with the liquid or the spray bottle could be blocked. Be careful to use this solution next to the bed of your garden as it would damage the vegetables as well. If you are facing some troubles with the spray bottle that being blocked, you could also try 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water.

4. Scald the weeds

Next time when you are boiling the pasta or potato, you should get rid of it right on the weeds. Do not try the method with a garden bed since it would destroy the quality of the soil and damage anything that it touches.

5. Salt the weeds

This is another way that you have to be very cautious and also the most suitable for the grounds, which you do not want anything to emerge again. But a simple shaking of salt with the edge of the lawn would remove the weeds. Although you would be cautious, it would leave the ground infertile and could destroy the concrete. At the end of a winter season, you could often get a good task on the rock salts.

6. Burn the weeds

This is probably the most common method of removing the weeds. You could get a propane scorcher that could be found at most gardening shops. In fact, you do not need to make the weeds on the fire because it could be quite dangerous in the area with dry grasses. Just run a flame over the weeds so that they would lose most of the internal moisture. As a result, they would die in only a few days.

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