My wife is a really perfect passenger, but she was not born that way. Before we started to date, in fact, she had never sit on the back of any motorcycles. The first time trying out a pillion seat, she was actually a little nervous and worried at first. Now, after many years of traveling together on our motorcycle, we are like a well-tuned riding couple, and my wife believes that she have as much pleasant experience on these journey as I do. The following are a couple of useful tips on how to become a perfect passenger.

  1. Improve the skills for solo riding first

Put on some miles, learn your motorcycle, and ensure that you are absolutely comfortable in your saddle under any conditions. If you do not know the suitable way to ride, then you should never think of adding a passenger when riding.

  1. Make sure to equip your motorcycle suitably

A proper pillion seat would enhance the quality of a ride with your passenger greatly. If you are planning to take a touring motorcycle, remember to install passenger floorboard. The more secure and comfortable a passenger feels, the more likely she is to want to have a ride with you.

  1. Ensure that the passenger has suitable riding gear

Go for a helmet with good quality that fits: long, thick pants, over-the-ankle boots, riding jacket and gloves. Our recommendation for you is the vega x888 helmet, you can get more information by reading other relevant article in our site.

You would possibly find that your passenger will have some very certain ideas about riding gear and would love shopping.

  1. Start to go out slowly

Before you plan to have a cross-country ride, remember to take a couple short trips first. After that, pick a perfect destination which would make you ride a memorable experience. You should also take good training as well as shake down into consideration a longer ride. It is much simpler to turn around and then go home from one hour away than to realize that it is not working 2 days in a trip for 1 week.

  1. Your passenger will be the boss

This step is really important. Before you take a ride with any people on your motorcycle, remember to have a serious talk with them. If they are not comfortable for any reasons – for example, if you are leaning to far, riding too fast or going too aggressively for their comfort – they only need to tap you on the shoulder and then you will immediately pull over. A terrified passenger is the one who would never turn back on your motorcycle.

  1. Consider the communication system

Apart from the Sportster, a perfect portable helmet-to-helmet communication system is probably one of the best motorcycle investments that I have ever made. In fact, being able to talk with a passenger during your ride does not only promote safety, but is also fun. I could give them quick feedback – if I am going to stop suddenly or turn quickly, if they are leaning too much – so that they are well-prepared and never surprised by what is happening on our motorcycle. And they could listen to their favorite songs in the helmet so that they do not become too bored easily. (I think there is not too many things to do on the back of a motorcycle).

To sum up, riding with a passenger could be even better and more impressive than riding alone if you take necessary time to build yours perfect passenger.

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