Seattle Weekly – Best of Seattle Critics’ Picks

Got one of those pesky, over-your- shoulder-peeking bosses? Couple that with a penchant for logging onto eBay and bidding on pretty shoes or rare records, and you’re in quite a pickle. But fear not, the Online Coffee Company (1720 E. Olive Way, 328-3731; 1111 First, 381-1911; extends its warm, latte-bearing arms to you. A coffee or tea gets you 20 free minutes of Internet play, plenty of time to jump in just before cutthroat Kathy from Akron outbids you. And with two convenient locations, one downtown and one on Capitol Hill, chances are you’ll be able to sneak away in just under the time it’ll take your boss to notice that you’re gone. The Online Coffee Co. does perfectly what plenty of other places have merely tried to do: They make excellent Caffé Vita coffee, and they serve it up with style, smiles, and plenty of well-maintained PCs.

NWSource – Review

If the Web is a wasteland, Online Coffee Co. seeks to tame and civilize it. The most urbane of Seattle’s Internet cafes has its terminals artfully arranged on handsome wooden desks; quiet classical music plays over the sound system. These comforts, paired with the Online Coffee Co.’s terrific coffee drinks, limited selection of beer and wine and earth-tone décor, will make you feel as if you’ve hijacked someone’s personal study. The free half-hour of Web access with drink purchase doesn’t hurt, either.

Online Coffee Company has two locations, each offering near-optimal comfort and convenience, though the Company’s more heavily trafficked downtown location seems a little quieter than its Capitol Hill location. No matter which you choose to visit, you’re assured of checking your e-mail or enjoying your double-shot latte in a warm and truly hospitable atmosphere.

By Geoff Carter

The Stranger – Sexiest Barista 2008

You wouldn’t know it just by looking at Annie, but Seattle’s sexiest barista also talks like your grandma. About her adopted city, Annie says, “Seattle is supersexy. I’m from the Midwest, and I came here and felt like, holy moly! This city is nothing but sexy people.” Holy moly, this girl’s adorable. Annie works at Online Coffee Company, and agrees that coffee shops can be sexy, but as for herself, she demurs: “I’m pretty dorky.” …