Exploring the Nespresso Machines

Are the Nespresso machines better than any other single cup coffee makers? Can a perfect espresso really come from a Nespresso espresso machine?

Introducing the Nestle coffee machine

Nespresso is the marriage of espresso machines (deLonghi coffee makers and Miele appliances) and the Nestle company (yes… the chocolate !)

More than 20 years ago Nespresso developed and patented an exclusive system for mastering the preparation process of the espresso drink.

And more recently, have partnered with carefully selected, renowned household appliance manufacturers.

Now, together with the technical know-how of both DeLonghi and Miele the Nestle coffee machine / Nesspresso machines are the state of the art for any home coffee enthusiast.

Having used both Nespresso coffee machine and most of the Keurig line of single cup coffee makers, I am convinced that the coffee brewed in the Nespresso brand of single cup coffee maker produces a single cup of coffee or espresso that is as close as you can get to puling your own espresso shot or frequenting the local coffee house.

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Nespresso Citiz in Red

Why would you give up quality for convenience?

The biggest drawback is the fact, (at least for now), that the Nespresso capsules are only available by ordering online. And Keurig pods are available in many local shops.

Most people that I know who use either of these coffee makers order online anyway.

The Nespsresso club makes it easy to order in quantity for just one low shipping fee.

And let’s face it … It’s fun to get packages to our door! Just remember not to run out completely .. it takes about 2 days to get a shipment of coffee capsules for the Nespresso machines in the USA for your Nespresso espresso machine.

How are the Nespresso machines different than other single cup coffee brewers?

Nepresso machines use 19 bars of pressure for every pulled shot of espresso or your favorite coffee. That’s far more pressure than any other single serve coffee machine. Most single cup type of coffee makers use only 11 – 12 bars of pressure.

What this means for you is that with every cup you get more flavor and real crema from every capsule. Simply good coffee and espressos, every time from the Nestle coffee machine, Nesresso espresso maker.

The Nespresso espresso machine is much quieter, nearly silent, as compared to other single cup coffee brewers. And you wouldn’t even know that the frother is working, except when you see the finished product.

Selecting the best Nespresso machine for your needs

How often you make coffee drinks and how much you entertain others has a big influence on which single cup coffee maker model is the better choice.

All 4 Nespresso single cup coffee makers have automatic volume control so you so not have to think about the amount of water to add for each coffee.

The price range for these espresso coffee makers goes from $249 for the Essenza, to $499 for all the bells and whistles. If you simply want to use the convenient Nespresso coffee capsules, the CitiZ is the best machine for your dollar.

Then again, if you do a fair amount of entertaining, you should consider the Nespresso Concept. The Concept’s water reservoir is the largest available, and this machine will allow you and your guests to brew more than 14 espressos and coffees before you need to think about re-filling the water tank.

There are 4 different Nespresso machines to select from


Which is priced by the manufacturer from $249 – $299, depending upon if you order the bundle that includes their fresh milk frother, will serve up a delicious espresso or tall coffee nearly instantly.

Simple steps that will allow you to set an automatic program for different sizes of coffee, from small espressos to tall cups of coffee.

It’s .9 litre water reservoir holds enough water for many Nespresso coffee and espresso capsules.


Citiz is priced by the Nespresso from $279 – $349. The least expensive of the Citiz models does not include the fresh milk frother, which is easily ordered separately if you desire.

Although the cappuccino is not automatic, you have full control over your manual cappuccino preparation, which is really preferable. It’s nice to be able to add just the right amount of fresh froth, prepared to your exact enjoyment.

The Citiz will make both espresso and tall coffees, too. And it is very easy to program for different amounts of coffee, because sometimes you will prefer to pull a shot of espresso and other times you may feel like having a tall coffee. Each item requires a different setting of water, and the Nespresso machines make it easy to get it right.

The Citiz has an energy saving mode, and it’s folding drip tray is conveniently adaptable for Latte Macchiato glasses or larger coffee mugs.

1 liter water reservoir holds enough water for up to 10 Nespresso capsules.

The Citiz is available in your choice of White, red, black, grey, and a fun NY design

Concept D290

You will find that the Concept is the most sought after of al the Nespresso machines. That is because it offers all the features you would expect in an upscale espresso machine.

Price by Nespresso from $399, this machine can be bundled together with the Aeroccino milk frother.

The Concept will make both espresso and lungo (tall coffees) for you, and this particular machine can be used for simple hot water for items such as hot soup or teas.

There are 2 backlit controls for easy programming. This Nespresso offers an automatic steam nozzle … for that perfect hot milk froth.

For safety and convenience, a warning sound will alert you when the capsule chamber if full and needs to be emptied. And this Nespresso single cup coffee machine has an automatic shutdown should the Nespresso Concept be opened before the coffee is finished brewing.

I like the removable water tank because it is easy to fill with filtered water and it holds enough water for many espressos


This is the top of the Nespresso line. The Lattissima is a full featured single cup coffee machine with everything that the above models have, but also includes a cup warming plate (nice feature!) and the milk frother container is easily removed for safe storage in the refrigerator when you are not making cappuccinos.

Enjoy a cappuccino with fresh milk, the Lattissima is completely automated for you, including an automatic milk container rinse.

The front platform is adaptable for a variety of glass / cup sizes.

1.2 liter Water reservoir holds enough water for up to 12 Nespresso capsules.

The Lattissima is available in 3 colors, complimentary to any decor; red, black or chrome.

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