Coconut oil is really familiar with the girls, isn’t it? With its beautiful benefits such as smooth hair, acne, beauty cosmetic… coconut oil has become a natural ingredient with a lot of benefits. From many years ago, people praised the natural effect of coconut oil. Nowadays, in the beauty industry, coconut oil is still an indispensable material for many fields such as culinary, beauty and trading… Today, I will show you how to make coconut oil with popular method. We can make coconut oil by using boiling method. This method can remain the natural and essences benefits of coconut oil. You can do this method at home and it does not take long time to finish.

How to make coconut oil with popular method?

Preparation materials:

  • Dry coconut
  • Hot water
  • Sieve or strainer
  • Pan or saucepan
  • grinder

How to make coconut oil?

  1. In order to make virgin and best quality coconut oil, you should pay attention to how to choose coconuts. You should choose the dry coconut with suitable thick and dry coconut meat. The coconut meat should have white color and it should not turn to black or yellow color. You use the scraper tool to take the coconut meat out. Then, you put this coconut meat to a grinder for blending (as smooth as possible)
  2. You soak the blended coconut to hot water for 15 – 29 minutes. When soaking the blended coconut into hot water, you should remember to stir it regularly. Then, you use a strainer or sieve to take coconut milk only. You should do this step 2 times to ensure that the coconut milk is totally pure.
  3. You pour the coconut milk to a pan or saucepan. Then, you heat it up until the coconut milk is boiled, you turn down the stove. In this step, you should stir the coconut milk regularly to prevent it from burning at the bottom of the pan. After a certain time of boiling, the first clear coconut oil will appear. You continue to stir until all coconut milk turns to clear layer and at the bottom of the pan, the coconut milk turns to golden brown color. Now, you remove the coconut residue in the bottom of the pan. Hence, you have quality handmade coconut oil already.

The best way to preserve the coconut oil is to store it in the refrigerator. When you want to use coconut oil, you just need to heat it up or make it warm, the coconut oil will automatically be melted. Because when you store coconut oil in the fridge, it will be frozen. However, if you warm or heat it up, the coconut oil will turn to clear liquid. If any girls love beauty cosmetic, they should make coconut oil at home. By that way, you can save money with the best quality.

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