Nespresso D290 Espresso Maker

The Nespresso D290 makes it easy to have an espresso or coffee … even tea or decaf … anytime you feel like it, one cup at a time.

Compared to the Nespresso CitiZ, the Concept is much more flexible with what you can brew with it. Specially designed one cup coffee machine will brew espressos, regular coffees and decafs, lattes and cappuccinos … perfectly every time.

Nespresso D290

What makes the Nespresso Concept D290 special?

The D290 is one of the most advanced of all the Nespresso machines. Some of the features that make the Nespresso espresso machine special are:

  • Programmable for different size drinks.
  • 2 different Steaming options for frothing your milk.
  • Hot water option for soups, teas and hot chocolates.
  • Auto eject of spent Nespsresso capsules.

This Nespresso espresso and coffee maker has one of the largest of all the refillable water reservoirs. The water tank reservoir holds up to 42 ounces, so you don’t have to think about adding water very often.

The word “espresso” comes from the Italian “esprimere”, which translates “to express”. So, espresso is the process by which hot water is forced under high pressure (the higher the more flavor) through your ground coffee. All of the Nespresso machines use very high-pressure, (19 bars to be exact), to force the hot water into the Nespresso pod capsule.

At this high rate of pressure, the Concept Nespresso D290 will insure that each time you push the button to begin brewing, this espresso coffee maker has optimum flow of water through the grounds, which results in consistently more taste and aroma.

Can you make hot chocolate in a Nespresso machine?

Yes! The Concept model of Nespresso machines has a steam wand built in.

Although Nespresso does not make a Nespresso pod capsule for it (yet), it is as easy to make hot chocolate as removing the steam wand and allowing the hot water to pour into your cup with your favorite hot chocolate mix.

You can easily use the same process for making instant soups or hot teas, too.

The Concept single cup coffee brewer

Probably one of the notable benefits of the Concept model from Nespresso is the automatic eject system of your spent coffee capsules. Each time you open the machine, the Concept will eject the spent capsule into a holding chamber.

The holding container is large enough so that you need only to empty it after 12 -14 coffee drinks have been brewed. This is unique to Nespresso. Other single cup coffee brewers require you to remove the spent coffee pods with every brew.

It may not seem like a big deal, but when you are entertaining company, the automatic eject of coffee capsules means that you do not need to have a trash can next to your elegant coffee maker. The Nespresso holds them for you, discretely.

Why choose the Concept D290 over other Nespresso machines?

The Nespresso Essenza espresso maker does not have all the bells and whistles that the Concept Nespresso D290 has.

If you enjoy a variety of different coffee drinks, or entertain at all, you will be happier with the Concept coffee and espresso machine.

Nespresso took all the best of their single cup coffee brewers and created the Concept. It is simple to use, looks great on your counter (it’s a real conversation starter!) and is adaptable for most coffee drinks you can think of, and even some new ones.

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