Some basics to choose a Shoe

There is no best shoe for everyone as each other has their own different needs. There are plenty of different things to consider buying a pare of shoes such as the body weight, biomechanics, the feet shape and the surfaces of running… It means that your best shoes can be the terrible shoes for other people.

Today, I will introduce to your 4 main categories of the shoes including performance, stability, minimalist and neutral.


I should recommend this for some runners who have normal or low arches as well as who are moderate and wild overpronators. This kind of runners usually tends to use the shoes combining of midsole cushioning and good support.


There are 2 cases I can recommend this type including racing and biomechanic for training. It has a variety of degrees of support and cushion. Moreover, its weight is around 250 – 300g. This is usually narrower and lighter than other shoes.


For some runners who want a max midsole cushion and min medial support, I can recommend this type. This type of shoes is very suitable for runners who are biomechanically efficient with min pronation. In addition, this shoe is best for runners who their forefoot and midfoot strikers have normal or high arches. You can buy the best running shoes for high arches with this type.


I recommend this for runners who are biomechanically efficent. Moreover, runners who like stripped – down shoes and maximum responsiveness while still remain the cushioning element. This kind of shoes is considered as the mid point of performance and neutral cushioned shoes.

One of the first steps in order to find your needs of basic shoes is you should try the west test or visit the expert of biomechanics or the experienced retailer of shoes.

The process of wet test on basic step is that you place your wet footprint to a piece of paper or a dry floor. This shape of your foot should be roughly correlates to the stability amount that you may want for your shoes. After this step, the result is your suitable features you need to look for. Next step is that you should search for the basic information about this type of shoes.

Some common mistakes you should AVOID when buying sport shoe

Some experienced staffs at running shoes realize that the runners tend to make the same mistakes when they buy running shoes at the store. Therefore, I will show you some common mistakes so that you can avoid it when buying shoes.

Mistake 1: Buy for style and shape

You know, many runners they will not buy a shoe if it is not beautiful. With some people who focus on fashion, the staff should try to steer them away from this thought. If you choose a shoe that looks nice, you will come back the store for a few weeks and complain that the shoe is really hurt or you have problems with this shoe. Therefore, before you buy a shoe, you should think about the feeling and fit, fashion is just the additional.

Mistake 2: Do not ask for discount.

Many people miss this step because they don’t know. When you agree this shoe and are about to pay, you should as the staff for any available promotions for member of running club. Normally, some special stores are off 10 – 20 percent of bill. You may think it is just a small amount but you will realize that you have just saved a lot of money after several times. Therefore, you should not forget this step.

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