The Best Rated Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Without a doubt, the Capresso Coffee Team is the best rated grind and brew, coffee maker with grinder. Capresso was the first to add a true conical burr grinder to an automatic coffee maker, so that your freshly brewed coffee tastes as good as possible.

Capresso CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Conical Burr Grinder

Whether you need to save counter space or just want to have the best tasting coffee possible with a grind and brew coffee maker, this one from Capresso is as perfect as a coffee maker with grinder can get.

Best rated grind and brew coffee maker

First, it’s easy to set up and program. This coffee machine will measure out the correct amount of coffee beans for you.

Then grind them to a perfect grind, heat the water to the hottest temperature optimal for the best brewing cycle (over 200 degrees), and brew a wonderful pot of coffee.

Great coffee with the push of one button

You are able to program different settings for when you wish to use the grinder, and when you don’t.

The Capresso drip coffee maker has 5 different grind settings for you to choose from, so that if you prefer a lighter flavored coffee over a darker brew it’s can be automatically adjusted for you.

Which grind and brew (coffee maker with grinder) do YOU think is over-the-top?

The included charcoal filter will help to rid your water of any impurities, because a great cup of coffee begins with the water you choose to use. Other coffee machine and grinder combos do not filter your water for you. Additionally, this coffee machine will alert you when it’s time to change out the filter. And if you are like me, this gentle reminder is a necessity.

This Capresso Coffee Team coffee maker with burr grinder comes with a goldtone filter (the best kind) so you will save and money on purchasing coffee filters (and go green by not adding to the land fill!).

Never worry about leaving your machine on again, because the Capresso best rated grind and brew has an automatic shut off (after 2 hours).

You will find that Capresso offers 2 different coffee makers with burr grinder models, the GS and the TS. The only difference, besides price (about $30), is that the TS has a thermal coffee carafe without the hot plate burner.

A thermal carafe provides you the freedom to take your coffee pot anywhere (even in the car!). If you prefer your coffee really hot, opt for the glass carafe GS model.

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