The Food Containers Can Be Used in the Microwave Oven

The microwave oven is considered as the best rice cooker. It is a unique cooking facility. You only need a single food container to serve, cook or reheat the food. It can say that cooking in the microwave oven is quite simple; even, a beginner can also cook a delicious and perfect meal. Due to the high frequency electromagnetic, the food not only is cooked but also can keep the flavor. Today, the microwave has become more and more popular. It is the top choice of housewives because they are able to place it everywhere that they would like; especially, single people are very suitable. It is noticed that the microwave is also considered as the luxurious model because you will be easy to find it in the large kitchen or hotels so as to serve for meals. In fact, the microwave oven is proven as the most common appliance nowadays.


From when microwave ovens are released, the new cooking concept was born. People utilize food containers; instead of using the pots or pans from the metal as before.

The Food Containers Can Be Used in the Microwave Oven

What containers are able to use properly

  1. The glassware: there is one of the perfect materials for food containers. Even though steaming, cooking, defrosting, or heating, it is also no the problem. Glass containers allow the energy waves in the microwave to penetrate into it; then, it continues to enter the food. Therefore, cooking becomes simple and beneficial. All glass material can suffer the heat, cannot they? It is not necessary. You often see several glasses which are broken or cracked after pouring the boiling water. Consequently, to avoid this case, you must choose the glassware which is heat resistant.
  2. Ceramic material: bowls or plates are made from this material which always have the ability to suffer the high heat. Since they are baked at high-temperature, their heat resistant is also so. Hence, using them is safe for microwave ovens.
  3. Safe plastic material: people often hear that plastic containers are not safe because they have contained the damage substance; especially, when you store them at high temperature. Thus, if you want to utilize food containers in your microwave oven, you must select the high-grade plastic which is used in the microwave oven. Of course, there cannot be doctrinaire that needs to have to check by the governmental agency.
  4. Oven cooking bags: this kind usually utilizes in order to contain small foods such as cakes, cookies, etc.
  5. Paper material: you can use paper bags, plates or even kitchen towels which are safe for utilizing in microwaves. Let’s remember that they are only preferable! You should not directly put the food on them so as to heat. This one is not recommended.
  6. Plastic wrap and wax paper: you are able to utilize them in order to cover the plates that are put in microwaves. Nonetheless, if you recognize that the steam assembled, you should not absolutely place in the microwave oven because it can cause burst. By the best way, you create a hole so that the steam can escape through out.

What food containers are used in the microwave oven?

food containers

  • You are absolutely not utilized either glassware or ceramic which has a silver or gold line in the microwave oven because it is able to create sparks.
  • Both bowls and plates are made from a blue glaze or an orange metal (it has contained copper) which is utilized in microwave ovens. Let’s remember!
  • That aluminum is one of the metals is not allowed using in microwaves because it can cause the spark.
  • Synthetic resin is never put in microwaves since it can release the toxic substances which absorb into the food.
  • In the microwave oven, you should not also place any recycled paper because they are not safe.
  • Cooking utensils like bowls, pots, plates and pans are made from metal which is not appeared in the microwave oven.

It means that purchase a microwave oven which is easy, but the important object is how to utilize it safely.


Even though the microwave oven is as beneficial as the best small rice cooker, you need to have to know how to use. Through this article, you can supplement the necessary knowledge for your cooking. Let’s use your microwave with the safest way.

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