The great effect of potato

Besides some benefits such as nutritious and delicious food, potatoes also have more useful benefits including treatment of stomach ulcer, burn, anti – cancer… Moreover, some simple and easy masks from potatoes usually use for cosmetic. For example, potatoes masks help the skin more beautiful, enhance moisture for dehydrated skin and balance moisture for oil skin.

Potatoes contain great sources of vitamin A, C, B, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium… Potatoes also have fiber and protein. Potatoes are not only good food but also beauty material and effective health treatments.

13 great benefits of potatoes

  1. Make skin brighter

Potatoes are the golden foods as it contains a lot of nutrients. There are 2 simple way to process potatoes for the brighter skin.

After cleaning the potatoes, you make potato juice and use a cotton pub to apply on your face. After applying the potato juice on your face gently in 5 minutes, you wash your face again with water. In order to have the best result, make sure that you do this method every day. The second method is that you boil the potatoes and then you apply potato slices as a mask on your face around 10 minutes. With only 2 times per week, you will have a better skin.

  1. Reduce stress, improve your mood and antidepressant

In the busy life, you may feel inhibited, stress, tense, irritated, worried… The reasons why you get these feelings are that you are lack of vitamin A and C or you eat a lot of acid foods. Potatoes contain a great source of vitamin A and C, therefore, it helps to reduce stress and improve your mood. Whenever, you get these feelings, do not forget to spend a little of time cooking your favorite potato food.

  1. Treat stomachache

In some researches, scientists at the University of Manchester (UK) discovered that potato contains a unique antibacterial molecules. These molecules can help to treat stomach ulcers and stomachache and prevent the development of bacteria in the stomach. The bacteria in stomach are the reasons cause celiac condition and heartburn. Therefore, you can eat potatoes every day as a part of healthy lifestyle.

  1. Treat chronic constipation

You wash the potatoes and mill into water. Then, you take this potato water before a meal. That will give good results.

  1. Against Cancer

A normal potato around 148g contains 26g of carbohydrate and the main form of this compound is starches. This starch is considered as a physiological effect and it is good for our health. It is the same as fiber (the anti – colon cancer compound). With its benefits, you can learn and add potatoes on the menu daily to prevent these diseases.

  1. Relieve face edema

If you are suffering liver disease, your face will swelling up and you will feel painful as well as uncomfortable. While waiting for a doctor, you can treat this disease with a temporary method. You crush the fresh potatoes and put potatoes into a cloth. Then, you apply the cloth on your face for 30 minutes. You can feel comfortable immediately.

  1. Reduce wrinkles

You blend 3 strawberries with boiled potato and a teaspoon of milk. You use this mixture to apply on your face as a mask for 20 minutes. Then, you wash your face again with water. As a result of that, you will have shiny skin, anti – aging and reduce wrinkles.

  1. Treat acne

Besides the above treatment, the potatoes can treat acne as well. You mix a half of boiled potato with a half cup of milk and apply this mixture on your face for 20 minutes. After doing this method for 1 month, the acne will be removed completely.

  1. Reduce kidney stones

Kidney stones are mainly caused by increasing of uric acid in the blood. Doctors often advise their patients to eat more potatoes in their diet as potatoes have high levels of iron and calcium.

  1. Reduce inflammatory

If you usually suffer the inflammation outside and inside, the potato can be very helpful for you. The potato is very soft so it will helps for digestive system. It can also heal the skin inflammation by rubbing directly on the spot. In particular, the potato is good for people who suffer mouth abscess.

  1. Good for Diabetics

Many people think that potatoes are not good for diabetes because it can increase the blood sugar. In fact, the potatoes do not affect to the blood sugar of diabetics.

  1. Treat burns

When being burned, you should apply one slice of potato on the wound for a long time. Note that before applying the slice of potato, you should not clean the burns.

  1. Lose weight

When you eat potatoes regularly, you will not worry about the weight anymore as potatoes contain only 0.1% of fat. Potato is one of the lowest fat foods. With people who want to lose weight, potato would be the best choice.

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