Top 5 best food in Hue City

Every place you go, you will always find a food that is considered to be special. In every locality, there will always be a special cuisine that is served. This food is said to be special because of its colorful history. If you are in a place and you are new there, will you not be tempted to have a taste of this special food? Of course, you will be curious to give this food a try, so that you will know how it taste or look like. It is normal for a traveler to get a food that are special in every place they go.

If you are coming to Vietnam, you will find different varieties of food. You will find special foods from different countries because many tourists are coming to Vietnam. It will be best to give Vietnam food a try because these foods served are the specialties of their country and you will not surely miss to have them on your dining tables, whether in a fancy restaurant or in an ordinary table along the corners of every street in Vietnam. When you come to the city of Hue, you will surely give the local cuisine a try. Food and historical are 2 highlights in Hue city.

Nem Lui

Nem lui

One of the best foods that Hue City can offer is the Nem Lui. This food has pork and beef that are finely ground with shredded pork fat and skin. It also has some garlic, fish sauce and sugar added. These ingredients are combined and wrapped in a rice paper to form sausages with lemongrass stalks. This will be grilled using charcoals and served. What’s interesting is when you pull out the lemongrass skewer and gently dip into the sauce.

Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue

Another exciting food that you must not miss to taste is called, the Bun Bo Hue. This is a bowl of round rice noodles in a stock from beef bones or pork bones. Lemongrass, ginger, annatto seeds, pork or beef slices, sprouted beans, lime wedges, green onions, white onions, sliced banana blossoms, chili paste, mint, sawtooth herb and Vietnamese coriander are added. This noodle has a very simple mixture that blends well and will surely fulfill your hunger.

Hue pancakes

If you are wishing for a dessert, then you must look for the Banh Khoai or the Hue pancakes. Banh Khoai literally means, delicious cake, so as the name implies, it must be really delicious. This pancake is crispy and it is filled with shrimps, pork and sprouted beans. On top of it is a fermented sauce made of soybean and peanut. What you will really enjoy here is the crispiness of the pancake and it will surely one of your cravings when you come and visit the city of Hue.

Banh Beo

Banh beo

Another food that will satisfy your food discovery is called, the Banh Beo. This food is served in really small saucers and is usually an appetizer. This is made of rice flour cakes that are steamed and on top of it are tiny bits of dried shrimps, crispy scallions and ground pork. You may use chili and fish sauce to add some taste. What is amazing with this food is that you are just like a child served with small plates. It looks too cute to eat, but you will have to get this food to your tummy. So, do not fail to try it.

Banh Loc Goi

banh loc goi

You will also be amazed with the delicious snack in Hue, called the Banh Loc Goi. This dough of this snack is made of tapioca flour and filled with caramelized pork and shrimp. This is usually wrapped with banana leaves and tied in pairs using the strips of the banana leaf. This food was steamed and so, gently peel the food and set the banana leaves away. This is often served with nuoc mam pha on top and you mad add some fish sauce, shrimp stock, sugar, water, chili and vinegar to taste.

Those are just some of the foods that you may enjoy eating in Vietnam, particularly in the Hue City. Do not be surprised if you can also find some of these foods anywhere in Vietnam because many people from the Hue City are usually moving around to sell and serve their local foods. Just enjoy eating and have fun. So there are many companies organize tours to Hue city.

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