Most of us will move house a couple of times in our lives and it is really necessary to make those occasions as stress-free as possible.
There are several things that many people tend to leave till the last minutes that really need to be done in advance of moving such as their favorite computer or their most comfortable couch. We have made a list of 8 things that you should do before doing this.

1. Connect the energy

When moving house, you have to disconnect the energy in your previous one and reconnect it in your own name. This is really simple, you just need to call a energy provider, then provide him your address, contact number, identification and preferred connection.

 2. Connect the internet

An Internet service provider is usually booked a couple weeks in advance so make sure to do it as soon as possible. Moving to a new house without internet connection could be really inconvenient as well as frustrating. Thus, save yourself the stressful moment and book in advance.

3. Update family and friends with new contact information

Even though it is essential to be sure that you change your address officially with proper businesses, it is also necessary to update your relatives as well as friends. Send around an email or text message to notify everyone of your new phone number and address so that they could contact you when you are moving to a new house.

4. Have a plan for kids and pets

Make sure that you have thought about what your pets and young child would do on that day. It could be helpful to ask a family member or friend to help out so that you could pay attention to organising the move.

5. Organise contents and house insurance

When you are planning a house move, remember to contact an insurance provider to ensure that you are covered for the duration of this process.

6. Change your address

It is best to change your address as soon as possible so that you do not need to depend on the new tenant of the old house to forward your mail. Remember to notify the post office of your new address immediately and then contact government bodies as well as businesses promptly and individually to make sure the mail is going to the right place. Do not forget to:

  • Update box-style or magazine subscriptions
  • Contact your registration provider and car insurance to change the address
  • Update your information on the electoral roll
  • Let the bank know you have moved
  • Update your information with superannuation fund

7. Have your new house cleaned professionally

In general, most stuff should be cleaned professionally before the previous tenants or owners move out, but a house would be empty for a long period of time, which means that you will neede to clean it before moving in. Make sure that you hire a professional cleaning service which specialises in final house cleaning and get them do a thorough job on the kitchen or bathrooms and steam the carpet.

8. Get spare keys cut

Remember to do this as soon as you own the keys to the new house. Moving day will be really busy and stressful so you would lost the keys easily somewhere in your new place. Therefore, it is important to get a set of keys cut for every member of your family and also get a set cut for your friends or relatives that live nearby.

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