Who Wins the Race of Best Shark Vacuums 2017 Either Shark Navigator or Shark Rotator in Wonderful Home Ideas?

It is worth stating that if people are simply searching & looking for to buy the best Shark vacuum 2017, then it would be extremely difficult to determine that which vacuum cleaner is best either shark rotator and shark navigator.

All these appliances are few of the top professional erect vacuum cleaner units currently available in the market & since they are made by the similar brand, they simply meant to be quite similar in specific aspects.

For instance, both shark rotator & shark navigator feature the HEPA filters in order to prevent different allergies. Moreover, they come with the never loose suction technology & whole seal canister technology. It simply means that users are able to utilize these shark vacuum cleaners on carpets and bare floors.

Shark brand also gives the warranty of five-years simply for the both units. In spite of similarities, two vacuum cleaners also have their unique differences. Thus, now I am going to share the information about the major differences in the features of both shark vacuum cleaners.

Effortless to Utilize & Transportable Vacuum Cleaner:

The most vital feature when we talk about purchasing the best vacuum cleaner is its effortless usage and portability.  The final things which users are willing to do is to drag the heavy unit simply from one area to another area while vacuuming the entire home.

Moreover, both shark rotator and shark navigator comes with the lift away case, which turns both of them into moveable units once taken apart. Both vacuum cleaner features the 30-feet cord thus making it quite easy to vacuum large areas without needing to constantly bend down, plug and unplug in vacuum cleaner from one power switch to another.

It is important to mention that shark navigator vacuum cleaner weighs only 14 pounds whereas the canister is just 7.5 pounds. Moreover, construction features the lightweight materials in order to make cleaning less hurting on back. It also comes with an extremely large dirt cap, which empties effortlessly.

While on the other hand, shark rotator weighs only 15.8 pounds & weight of the canister is only 8.4 pounds. Thus, in short shark rotator vacuum cleaner is somehow heavy as compare to shark navigator vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, it is yet quite lightweight & pushing the vacuum cleaner around when vacuuming would not be very taxing on body.

Various Add-ons:

Accessories and attachments might turn an otherwise main vacuum into the versatile vacuuming tool. Both shark navigator and shark rotator are shipped & packed with 24” & 8” crevice tools in order to clean corners, baseboards & other hard to reach surfaces, which is often overlooked by the large vacuuming path.

Both vacuum cleaners comes with the dusting brush along with stiffens ranging from a head for releasing crumbs, pet hairs & other types of the dirt which remain blocked between fibers of the upholstery.

When we talk about extra add-ons, then shark navigator vacuum cleaner features the head floor add-on head & power brush for pet. While on the other hand, if readers are searching for additional add-ons in their vacuum cleaner then they will be happy to know that shark rotator vacuum cleaner gives the huge range of the add-ons.

In spite of typical add-ons, it features the multi direction dusting brush, very huge turbo brush, and canister caddy, erect suction nozzle along with car & house detail kit along with several vacuuming heads resting upon the selected model. Overall, both vacuum cleaners have their own unique features along with pros and cons.

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