Zutto Coffee Maker … Can this be the best of all the 5 cup coffee makers?

We have found that the Zutto coffee maker offers some of the best features of any 5 cup coffee maker. And, quite possibly, this simple to use Zojirushi coffee maker will make your friends (who probably have much larger, more expensive coffee makers) envious.

Zutto 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Best 5 cup coffee maker

Because 4 cup coffee makers sometimes make less (no kidding!) than 4 “real sized” cups of coffee, this 5 cup coffee maker will ensure that 2 coffee drinkers will each have at least 2 cups of freshly brewed coffee each morning, without extra brewing cycles.

Some of the best features of the Zutto® Coffee Maker is it’s removable water tank and the included water filter that lasts up to 2 years (under normal use) for even better tasting coffee.

This user-friendly Zojirushi coffee maker is the top pick for a 5 cup coffee maker, with better tasting coffee than other five cup coffee machines that our reviewers have tested.

Black and Decker, Mr Coffee and Braun also make a 5 cup coffee maker, which are slightly less expensive, but it seems that the Zojirushi coffee maker is able to produce a better tasting coffee overall… and that is the most important thing to consider when you are comparing coffee makers.

What we like about the Zutto coffee machine

It’s classy styling looks great on the counter, and since it is smaller than a 12 cup coffee brewer it won’t take up your valuable counter space.

And the Zutto coffee maker will brew 8 oz.. more than a typical 4 cup coffee brewer, so if you use a decent size mug, you will get a full 4 servings from each full brew.

You will find that the included carbon filter really helps to improve the taste of your water, which in turn will present you with better tasting coffee. After all, if you begin with poor quality water, how can you expect good tasting coffee?

Most of all it is really easy to use. You won’t need to study a manual before you can enjoy that first cup of coffee from your new coffee maker.

Most of the reviewers indicate that the Zutto coffee maker is a well-built, dependable coffee brewer and are very pleased with the coffee machine. Zojirushi uses a cone shaped filter for the Zutto coffee maker.

A cone shaped coffee filter basket allows the ground coffee to “bloom” as it should in order to get the most flavor from your ground coffee. And you will find that you will use slightly less grounds per pot, saving you money overall.

Why choose the Zutto® coffee maker?

It is the perfect coffee maker if you:

  • Are the only coffee drinker at home
  • Live in a dorm where space is precious
  • Have coffee less than three times a day

Bottom line on the Zutto from Zojirushi

You will find that this Zutto® coffee maker is super simple to use, the Zutto® takes up very little counter space, it has a filter built right in for the freshest tasting coffee, and the water container is removable for easy cleaning and filling.

If you are comparing the best 4 or 5 cup drip coffee makers, it would be wise to choose a 5-cup coffee maker, because having that extra “cup” makes all the difference in your morning routine.

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